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Scramble Camp


Due in full at time of registration

Aug 5-6

Saturday 9am-4pm (lunch provided); Sunday 1pm-5pm

Registration Closed


10 and up


2+ years competition

This extensive 2-day clinic is designed for athletes ages 10 and up with at least 2 years of tournament experience. Led by NCAA Champion and 3x OSU Letterman, Eli Hale, this camp will focus on the fundamentals of non-traditional wrestling techniques.

The premise of a scramble is often when a shot goes bad and a wrestler gets tangled up in an odd position while trying to score. In this camp, we'll learn how to score by scrambling, using solid basics to cover offense from positions that seem like neither wrestler has an advantage. Wrestlers will also learn how to improve position to recover from disadvantages.

Included with Annual Plan?

50% discount for Annual Trainees

Family Discount Available?

USA Card Requirements:


Signed health waiver only

Refunds & Cancellations:

Written notice sent to OWA at least five (5) days prior to the beginning of the session, with no penalty. No cancellations accepted after said date.

Unless otherwise noted, all training sessions will be held at the OWA facilities: 

6725 Miramar Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

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