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Oklahoma Wrestling Academy  is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, comprised of like-minded individuals who understand and value the life lessons and core values that are cultivated from the sport of wrestling. 

Below are the people who make it all happen.


Julie Butler, 

Managing Director

Please direct all operational and financial questions to:

2022-23 Volunteer Committee Chairs

Carly Richardson, Marketing 

Blake Kerr, Finance

Bruce LaBrie, Governance

Hardell Moore, Programs

Matt Richardson, Facilities

To inquire about joining a committee or becoming a volunteer,

please email


The level of expertise and passion our coaching staff brings to OWA's training program is unsurpassed, and each is dedicated to instilling our core values through instruction and by example.

OWA employs several systems to ensure only the best, most qualified coaches are on the mats with your child: 

  • Defined application and screening process

  • Coaches selected and approved by the OWA Board of Directors

  • Required USA Wrestling membership, which includes extensive background check

  • Safe Sport Trained Core Certification

To inquire about joining the coaching team, please email

Hardell Moore, Head Coach

Matt Richardson

Jody Marple

 Alex Lillie

Justin Miller

Eli Hale

Nate Gomez

Blake Boyd

Kelly Henderson

Chris Cunnyngham

Cole Province

JR Greer

Anthony Rivera

Trent Jameson

Justin Lowe

Bill Argo

Shawn Wiley

Kyler Greer

Wade Routledge

Chip Frohling

Blake Kerr

board of directors

The OWA Board works together to create a strategic plan for the long-term stability and growth of OWA, and are fully committed and dedicated to ensuring our mission, vision, and core values are carried out in all financial and operational decisions. 

Please direct all board-related questions to Hardell Moore at

2022-23 OWA BOARD

Hardell Moore, Board President

Josh Baker

Phillip Chandler

Chris Cunnyngham

Lee Garland

Eli Hale

Blake Kerr

Bruce LaBrie

Jody Marple

Carly Richardson

Matt Richardson 

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