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Freestyle Season Only


Due in full at time of registration

March through May

See calendar for practice times

Registration Opens February 2024


6 and up


All skill levels

Keep up your training year-round with Freestyle and Greco Roman practices. Wrestlers will learn how to make minor adjustments to their Folkstyle skills for the new rules of this style of wrestling. We will focus on building strength and endurance to quickly adapt from one style to the next in this fast-paced training session.

Included with Annual Plan?

Yes - Annual Trainees do not need to register separately

Family Discount Available?

USA Card Requirements:

5% discount if registering multiple siblings.

Current USA Card required at registration and must be purchased separately.

Refunds & Cancellations:

Written notice sent to OWA at least five (5) days prior to the beginning of the session, with no penalty. No cancellations accepted after said date.

Unless otherwise noted, all training sessions will be held at the OWA facilities: 

6725 Miramar Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Register Now

Register now:

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