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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Hardell Moore is not only a founding member of Oklahoma Wrestling Academy, he is also the Head Coach and current OWA Board President. He works in medical sales but volunteers much of his free time to OWA, giving back to the sport and community he loves!

What is your hometown?


When did you start wrestling?

4 yrs old

Favorite wrestling memory?

The first wrestling tournament I went to. My brother got to stay in the gym while we had to go home and we came back the next day to watch. As a 4yr old kid that was pretty cool to stay in the gym and I told my parents I wanted to do that and the rest is history. That got me wrestling.

What do you love most about wrestling?

The life lessons that it teaches each person. Those lessons all come at different times and everyone handles them in different ways. It’s how you come out on the other end is key. It’s more than just wrestling. It’s life.

How many years have you been coaching?


Who inspired you most in the sport?

My dad, Reason being he didn’t know anything about it but he wanted to to get his sons in it. He did that because of what wrestling meant and how hard it was. I’m thankful he put us in wrestling. My Pops is the man.

Favorite type of athlete to coach?

Individuals that are self motivated and that have fun with the process. Kids that are coachable and always willing to learn. The reason for that is the kids that are open to coaching will always get better on and off the mat. And it makes them realize we have their best interest at hand.

What do you love most about coaching at OWA?

The kids and people. It’s a family atmosphere, we work hard we teach with discipline and structure but we have fun with it all. The parents let us coach the kids.

Favorite quote or saying you live by?

Hard work out works talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Favorite food?

Steak and my momma's Banana Pudding

What inspired you to become a coach?

To give back to the sport that has taught me so much and that has opened up many doors for me. Now that I have been doing this for awhile. I get a chance to see the life long impact I have made on many of my wrestlers.

What is your coaching style?

Positive. I try to encourage and motivate in the right way. I like to say that I look at coaching these kids on this level at a 20,000 foot view. Meaning it’s not the right now that is important, it’s who you become at the end.

What advice would you give to a first-year wrestler and/or parent?

It’s a marathon not a sprint and be patient.

Also, for parents: Let your child make mistakes and continue to encourage them. There is no fast forward in wrestling this sport takes a lot of time.

What is your favorite sport besides wrestling?

I am going with two, football and golf. Reason for those it’s another way for me to connect with my kids off of the mat and Golf is just a good release and I get quality time with my family.


Which value do you personally always strive to achieve?


Which value do you think is most important in life/off the mat?


How is this value learned through wrestling?

We expect our wrestlers to come in the room with a positive attitude. We want them to carry themselves in a positive way. I feel a lot of it is learned with the right attitude. In wrestling you get beat or knocked down and you have to get back up or go wrestle another match. Your positive mindset can get you through that. Wrestling helps with that.

How do you encourage this value at practice?

Integrity, doing what’s right when people aren’t looking. Also, putting peoples' needs in front of yours. We do that with older wrestlers, helping younger wrestlers. And we continue to talk about these core values.

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for another spotlight on OWA's athletes, coaches, and volunteers.



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