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MARCH 14th, 6-8pm

Capitol View Event Center



Welcome to Oklahoma's home of wrestling.

Our mission is to assist young athletes of any skill level to reach their highest potential through unparalleled training and by instilling values that build character, on and off the mat.

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Hardell Moore wrestled for Oklahoma State University from 1995-1998 and was a two-time All-American, including a national runner-up finish in 1998. Moore completed his collegiate career with a record of 101-30 and ranks No. 13 in program history with 62 dual wins.

He parlayed his love of wrestling into coaching in 1999, when he helped establish the Edmond Generals, later becoming Oklahoma Wrestling Academy. Moore has also been a member of the Oklahoma National Team coaching staff for several years since 2003, becoming Coaching Director in 2018.  


His awards include the 2016 Gallagher Award for his service to the wrestling community, the 2021 National Freestyle Development Coach of the Year, and in 2021, the Oklahoma Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame presented Moore with the Lifetime Service to Wrestling award, honoring exceptional coaches who have given a minimum of 20 years of service to the sport of wrestling.

He continues to share his years of experience and passion for the sport at OWA. As a Board Member and mentor to all, he continues to ensure our core values are shaping the next generation of wrestlers - to build champions on and off the mat. 


Hardell was a two-time All-American for us here at Oklahoma State, but what he did following his career here was much greater. Over the last 17 years, he has had one of the best clubs in the state of Oklahoma, if not the whole country. Although having a full-time job, he finds a way to help others. He has made a difference for a lot of young people to move on to college and recieve a scholarship. He exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the Coach Gallagher Award."


Oklahoma State Head Wrestling Coach and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist

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what sets us apart

We've defined four distinct and exceptional core values to reflect our unique identity within the wrestling community. These values apply to everyone associated with our organization - from athletes and coaches, to board members and parents. 

We are all OWA.



We never give up. | We will commit ourselves to accomplishing our goals. | We understand the work we put in individually determines the strength of OWA. | Our dedication will pay off, now or in the future. | We will apply all that we learn to the best of our physical and mental abilities.



We understand our positive attitude can create a chain of positive thoughts, interactions, and outcomes and are committed to becoming that spark that will create extraordinary results. | We will remain positive, even in negative situations. | We will use every opportunity possible to make a positive impact on others.



We listen first. | We are prepared to be wrong and are willing to let others evaluate our performance so we can learn aggressively. | We understand the journey of personal development cannot be traveled alone. | We can take advice and instruction. | We never stop learning.


We always do what's right, even if no one is looking. | We stay true to OWA by staying true to our values. | We win like champions and lose like champions. | We respect ourselves and respect each other. | We treat others the way we want to be treated. | We do not ever compromise our ethics.

committed to safety

No matter which wrestling club you choose for your child, we urge you to ask questions regarding background checks and requirements for its coaches and staff. 

OWA is dedicated to providing a safe environment for our young athletes.

USA Wrestling has long been committed to creating the safest possible environment for wrestlers, and has created a system that continually strives to protect its athletes from any type of abuse or misconduct that can be harmful to the development and well-being of young athletes.


In turn, OWA employs several systems to ensure only the best, most qualified coaches are on the mats with your child: 

  • Defined application and screening process

  • Coaches selected and approved by the OWA Board of Directors

  • Required USA Wrestling membership, which includes extensive background check

  • Safe Sport Trained Core Certification

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Core Values


6725 Miramar Boulevard

Oklahoma City, OK 73111

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